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Work Simplr is a co-working platform for students, enabling them to access new projects and gain authenticated work experience.
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What is Work Simplr?
The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we work forever. With virtual and remote working fast becoming the new “norm”, people are looking for the easiest all-in-one solution. Here we introduce Work Simplr, a virtual co-working space for users to collaborate on projects, create new ideas and network amongst each other.
Who is it for?
Students  |  Universities  |  Companies
Our platform provides students with the necessary resources to grow and unleash their full potential. Register today, fill in your information and join our Beta!
How it works
Management and Hosting  |  Marketplace
A centralised solution for universities and businesses to manage workflows, assign tasks / milestones and communicate.
Businesses  |  Universities
Businesses can join us today on our Founders Tier plan paid either monthly or bi-annually. With a base price of £25 for one intern and packages for multiple.
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