About us
It's a win-win situation to get your work done and help students at the same time!
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100 +
schools and
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What we know

Every student has skills.
Beyond Access
Increasing access is important but it's not enough
Students should be paid for their work.
Completing even one project can boost confidence and capabilities.
Hiring Manager

Is a gamer changer.
Less Hassle
Sifting through tons of applications isn't feasible when off-loading a short term project.
Clear instructions
Explaining projects clearly is vital but not always easy
Talent pipeline
Everyone benefits by building a talent pipeline for the future
Meet Leah & Jodi
We understand the needs from all angles and are passionate about breaking down the barriers between students and work.
We’ve worked directly with tens of thousands of students;
We’ve built innovative upskilling and employability solutions from scratch;
We have recruited. hired and managed large teams of people for $100m+ portfolios;
We have kids in college.

Our mission
Providing access to paid work opportunities to all students while helping employers complete their work stress-free.
Our vision
Building the talent pipeline of the future by giving every student to paid work opportunities to build confidence and skills, while transforming how on-demand work is articulated and outsourced by businesses.