Our partners
Leverage our collateral to introduce project work to students at no cost to you!

Expand work based opportunities for students.
From their first days as students, we directly match students to paid project work with employers so that students gain valuable experience at various companies with a range of projects.
How it works?
1. Partner
Work Simplr is free to schools and students! We minimize the paperwork and hurdles to collaborate with us because our mission is aligned with yours- help put students in the best position to succeed in life after college.
2. Extend
Promote Work Simplr using our asset library to reach every student at your institution. Any degree, any level (freshmen to graduate students), no specific experience required. Add Work Simplr to whatever services you currently provide. You can’t have too many work opportunities for students.
3. Expand
Employers have work needs year round. Internships are part of the solution, but Work Simplr adds the ability for your local employers to get their work done anytime without the the heavy lift of finding, sifting through, onboarding, and managing student talent. It’s a win-win for everyone!
Work Simplr
A platform built to make work simpler through state of the art automation, tracking and monitoring tools to guarantee quality of work
Get projects off your "to-do" and "wishlists" with support in scoping and detailing projects to reduce frustration and risk
For students, the platform makes understanding, managing and completing work easier!

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