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We reach out to you with paid, short-term project work you can flexibly fit into your existing schedule. You say yes or no to the work we send your way.
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Get paid quickly for the work you complete. Add experience to your resume by listing the skills and work you complete. Do a great job and take on more projects!
At Work Simplr we know every student has skills
But you may need a little help to get started. We also know you need access to more work opportunities that are:
Resume-worthy work
Our most in-demand projects are:
Online Research
Do you know how to look up information online? Are you proficient with Google Sheets or Excel?
Data Entry / Cleansing
Do you know how to use Excel, Google Sheets or databases? Are you a detail person?
User Testing
Want to share your feedback and experiences using technology solutions? Willing to answer questions about your preferences and needs?
Sales Lead Development
Are you comfortable and personable on the phone? Do you consider yourself a people person?
The average project pays out $400.
If you are interested in this type of project work, we’d love to get you on board. Have other skills? Tell us about them!
Join our community!
All students are welcome to sign up. Any school. Any major.
Any U.S. location. Any level in school (16+ years of age.)

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Students Love Work Simplr
"I love Work Simplr and the feeling of accomplishment after completing a project! Student success is dependent upon EXPERIENCE. Work Simplr connects students with projects that do just that - get them experience!"
Mariah K. - Student at Lone Star College - Tomball
"Work Simplr saw my potential and gave me the opportunity to work even without a lot of experience. It gave me confidence that I can thrive doing project work and I'm not sure how I could have gotten to that point without Work Simplr."
Madi T - Student at Lone Star College - Tomball
" I truly believe that experience fostered a lot of growth in my skills and confidence in a professional setting. My Work Simplr experience was critical to obtaining my coming summer internship."
Alec M - Student at University of Massachusetts